Known for its unique monuments of Sea organ an greeting to the sun, Zadar will overwhelm you with its legacy.

Songs have been sung about Zadar and the fact is that it is a truly unique town to live in. When you come here you will understand everything, because Zadar has a truly different feeling surrounding it. It feels like it radiates tranquillity but also a certain way of satisfaction. All of this is because of the local people and their easy-going way of life and pride they take in everything they do and where they are living. Zadar is a town full of history as most of the Croatian and Dalmatian towns are, but its uniqueness lies in the fact that though the years it developed in the destination that is on everyone’s map. There are numerous reasons why that is so, but mainly because Zadar has made monuments unique in the whole world. Sea organ and Greeting to the Sun are two monuments located close to each other on the seafront and the best time to experience their uniqueness is to visit in the evening or during the night. Sea organ will provide you with its enchanting music made by the wind and the waves and during the most beautiful sunset, you will understand why this place is so wonderful. Greeting to the Sun with its vibrant colors and special charm will excite you even more.

You will not be able to miss the Roman Forum, the focal point of the town and together with the church of St. Donat they make a one of a kind historical site. Also, a great place to have a good cup of coffee as it’s a place where local people come to enjoy the sunshine and hang out.

Zadar is surrounded by City Walls and because of the unique shape of the town with its position on a peninsula, these walls are quite a sight to be seen so be sure to take your time to enjoy them fully. The central wide street will lead you to the main square and from there all the small streets will lead you to discover some new sight. Zadar also has extraordinary City gates that will leave you in awe as well as the number of churches that will welcome you with open doors.  

Zadar is also filled with museums and a very intriguing experience would be a visit to the Museum of Illusions. Museum of Ancient Glass as the name says is one of a kind place to visit and together with the Archaeological museum makes a way for you to learn more about this town's long history first hand.

The town of Zadar and the surrounding area is also rich with different activities especially during the summer, so you can expect various festivals, concerts and all kinds of events.

The best way to experience Zadar would be through a walking tour with a private guide. They will tell you all the secrets about this beautiful town filled with history and even maybe a few the locals might not know.

It seems as though everywhere you go there is something rare and this is true. Local people don’t even know the names of the streets in the town as they use almost only the names of the monuments and sights. This is like a fun fact and the most obvious proof of the rich history the town has.