Zadar area simply invites you for tours in which you will find all the colorful and diverse ways this town will make you fall in love with.

A truly magnificent way to spend a most memorable vacation in the Zadar area is to explore the region through various tours and excursions and as the offer is superb all you have to do is choose where you want to go. Or just go everywhere and have an unparalleled experience. Zadar region together with the archipelago has one of the most beautiful sights in Europe as there is several National, Nature parks and locations which you can visit. 

It is actually amazing how many of them are in this relatively small area, but nature has indeed found a special place to show off all of its beauty here in the Zadar region and beyond. We are sure you don't need extra encouragement, except to say they are really worth your time because they are truly one of a kind.

There are five national parks in the Zadar region or the surrounding area and even they are very close to each other they are quite diverse. 

National Park of Kornati Island is a glorious collection of islands, islets, and rocks that you can visit by taking a boat tour or a one-day trip. The tip to the islands is special on its own as it is a small cruise through the Zadar archipelago. 

Nature Park Telašćica is a bay surrounded by small island and islets and makes a magnificent place to explore as it has a wonderful flora and fauna as well as great archeological heritage Together with the fact that is a geological phenomenon, Telašćica is truly unique because of the bay and beaches it has on the one side and steep cliffs on the other. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park with its abundance of forest and wildlife together with its glorious lakes and waterfalls makes an extraordinary place to visit. You must experience it for yourself because its beauty is almost indescribable. 

Not far from Zadar, in the next County is the National Park Krka, a beautiful stream of the Krka River which extends over 100 km2. Even with its scientific purpose, as it is having several preserved ecosystems, it’s also a perfect tourist destination because as also a natural phenomenon. 

Nature Park Vrana Lake is known as the largest natural lake in Croatia but also for its location. Vrana is a magnificent sight as it is so close to the coast. With the Adriatic Sea on one side and a lake from the other being in the middle, you will most definitely feel humbled by the beauty and peculiarity of the place. 

River canyon Paklenica located in the south part of the Velebit mountain and North Velebit are both National Parks that will invoke you to marvel wide-eyed to the gloriousness of Mother nature. The mountain massif Velebit itself inspires awe and its beauty is known far and wide.