Dalmatia is really extraordinary, especially its northern region, the area surrounding the town of Zadar, a historical and cultural center. Local people take a lot of pride in their history, and how would they not, as every stone and every narrow street are whispering the tales of old. You will find something marvelous and hear an interesting story on every corner.

Town of Zadar as a seat of the county, as beautiful by its location and by its interesting placement on a small peninsula, is a superb sightseeing spot you simply cannot miss. The past here is almost old as the time itself, as Zadar is known from the 4th century BC and the town changed many names thorough time and it was devastated in many conflicts and wars but every time it rose from the ashes even stronger and more beautiful. Modern times have also put Zadar on the world map for its uniqueness as it has one of the most peculiar monuments ever made, Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ. The first public park in Croatia was opened in Zadar and that says enough of its rich past which makes a fascinating present. Such curiosities are not so easily found everywhere and are once in a lifetime experience, something akin to sunset in this town – unforgettable and enthralling.

Just a few short kilometers from Zadar in whichever direction you go there is a small town, almost as a world on its own, self-sufficient oasis made for inspiring all of the senses. With their old stone houses, centuries-old churches, magnificent monuments or luxury vacation homes, they are an inevitable part of every Dalmatian experience.

The town of Nin is one of the oldest towns in Europe, as small as it is truly enchanting. Its stone walls and the world’s smallest cathedral of St. Cross, and Saltworks where the salt is handpicked the same way it was done centuries ago, together with a long history, are amongst other things a special way to get inspired.

Privlaka is situated along the shore of the most northern part of the Zadar area is one of a kind places to experience, as it is perfect for a quiet family vacation. This old fishing town with its endless beaches and abundance of sights and natural beauty overlooking the islands of the Zadar archipelago is indeed a definition of tranquillity in its truest form.

Not far from Privlaka is the island of Vir, one of the most populated islands, as if made just for a vacation and pure fun, because at any time of the year its event list is filled with all kinds of events and concerts.

Natural beauty and location of this specific area are not to be omitted, as it contains almost endless beaches and a lot of activities and sightseeing locations, brimming with history. Also, the area is perfectly made for a holiday filled with activities but also peace and tranquillity.

One of the most beautiful nature parks are located in Zadar areas, such as nature parks Telašćica, Vrana Lake, and Velebit mountain. National parks of Paklenica and Kornati, as well as the National park Plitvice are all glorious monuments to nature and extraordinary locations to visit.

These facts speak volumes about this area, a magical place where nature meets history set in stone, where sandy beaches meet snow-covered mountain peaks, where unique monuments meet kindness of the people and easy-going way of Dalmatian life.