Terms and conditions


Accommodation Adria is a travel agency operating within the scope of the tourist agency Dalmacija, and is engaged in the mediation of rental of all types of accommodation.

Accommodation Adria operates in a way of entering into representation agreements with the owners of the property and acts only between the owner of the property and the guest as a mediator.

By paying an advance for the rental of the property, it is considered that the guest agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.

Immediately upon the payment of the advance for the rental of the property, the real estate agent will send the guest a rental confirmation with all the details of the rental, location and contact of the owner of the property.


The reservation of the property is considered valid immediately after the advance payment by the guest.

An authorized payment method is a card payment or bank transfer. Payments are made in Euros, and if there is a difference in the amount due because of the exchange rate difference, it is paid by the guest.

The advance is 30% of the total rental price. If the guest pays the advance by card payment, the reservation is confirmed immediately. If the guest pays the deposit by bank transfer, the deposit must be visible in the agency account within three days. If the payment is not visible in the agency account within three days, the guest will be considered to have canceled the reservation.

The remaining amount of 70% of the total price can be paid in the same way by card or bank transfer no later than 15 days before the start of the stay.

The guest can also pay the remaining amount in cash, immediately upon arrival at the accommodation facility, to the owner on hand, noting that he is obliged to inform the intermediary, Accommodation Adria, immediately upon booking.

For last minute bookings made within 15 days prior to the day of arrival, the total amount must be paid immediately upon booking, by card payment. The reservation is confirmed immediately upon payment of the total amount and the guest will receive a valid confirmation accordingly.

The guest may cancel the reservation by notifying the cancellation agency in writing.

A reservation cancellation is considered valid when the agency receives a written notice.


In the event of a cancellation, all payments made up to the date of receipt of the cancellation notice are non-refundable and the customer is not entitled to them.


No subsequent changes to the booking date or changes to the property are possible.


Immediately upon arrival, the guest is required to pay a security deposit, which will be notified when booking. The security deposit is payable only at the facilities that have this item in the description and price list on the accommodation agency Accommodation Adria.

The height of the security deposit is determined by the owner of the facility.

If no damage has been done during the stay of the guest, the owner will fully refund the security deposit to the guest upon check-out, on the day of departure.


The guest is obliged to behave responsibly during the stay in the facility and, upon leaving the facility, return the facility in the condition in which it was found. If the owner needs additional cleaning due to the very poor condition in which the guest left the property, the guest agrees that the owner can charge for the same cleaning from the security deposit.

In case of damage, the guest is obliged to inform the owner and directly answer the owner for the same.

In this case, the owner is entitled to recover from the security deposit, and if the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the guest agrees to pay the owner the difference up to the full amount of the damage.

In the case of deliberate damage to property, as well as violation of public order and peace, the owner has the right to ask the guest to leave the facility within two hours, with all things and persons present at the moment. Also, in this case, the guest is not entitled to claim a refund of the amount paid for the rental of the property.

Accommodation Adria is not responsible for any damage caused during the stay of the guest to the owner or to the guest, if the owner does not wish to return the deposit.


The guest will be informed in advance of the time of arrival and departure to the facility and must adhere to the same.

All guests are obliged to immediately present a valid document, identity card or passport upon arrival at the property, so that the owner can register them with the Croatian National Tourist Board, all in accordance with the law of the Republic of Croatia. The guest who does not want to present a valid document, the owner has the right to refuse to stay in the property, without the possibility of refunding the rent.


If a guest has booked a newly built villa, holiday home, apartment, it must be borne in mind that any vegetation, greenery and other horticulture may not have grown.

The owner or Accommodation Adria are not responsible for any noise that may be unexpectedly heard during the guest's stay at the property, which comes from the construction site, local roads and the like.

If the guest makes noise during the stay and interferes with public order and peace, the owner will be warned. If such inappropriate behavior continues after the warning, the owner has the right to terminate the lease of the object, and the guest is obliged to leave the object immediately and within 2 hours at the latest with all persons staying there, without the right to a refund of the amount paid accommodation.

The facility can accommodate up to as many people as indicated on the receipt. The number of persons includes children, regardless of their age.

All possible visits by persons who are not guests of the property, which could occur during the stay of the guest who booked the property, must be reported to the owner in advance.

If it is indicated on the Accommodation Adria page that the property accepts pets, the guest is obliged to report the number of pets who may be staying at the property and agrees to pay the pet fee immediately upon arrival, which is also indicated on the Accommodation Adria page.

If the number of pets exceeds 2, the guest is obliged to report this to the intermediary, Accommodation-Adria.

It is the responsibility of the guest to take care of the pets' behavior during their stay at the property, as well as to clean the excrement behind them.

Pets are strictly forbidden from entering the pools or jacuzzi, staying on the bed and sofa.

If the guest brings the pet without notice, the owner can terminate the rental agreement, and the guest agrees to permanently leave the property without the right to a refund of the paid accommodation amount.


All guests are required to adhere to the house rules, which are prominently displayed in the house.If guests do not adhere to the house rules, the owner is authorized to terminate the rental agreement, and the guest is obliged to leave the facility with all persons within 2 hours they reside there, with no right to a refund of accommodation paid.


The guest is obliged to adhere to the rules regarding the use of the swimming pool, which are presented to him by the owner, and which are written next to each pool or wellness area.

It is the responsibility of the guest to use the pool / wellness area. Children are allowed to stay at the pool only with an adult, and children are not allowed in the wellness areas.

There is a possibility that the pool may not be used during the summer season.

Also, there is a possibility that the water in the hot tubs will not be warm before the late evening hours on the day of arrival.

Climbing onto the covers of whirlpools is strictly forbidden.


The guest has the right to complain to the owner immediately if he notices the damage, or any other defect, without having been informed beforehand.

The guest has the right to make a complaint to the owner immediately upon arrival, if the same refers to an under-cleaned object. Should the complaint not be resolved satisfactorily for the guest, the guest has the right to contact Accommodation Adria, who will try to resolve the issue for mutual satisfaction.

The guest agrees to leave the owner an appropriate deadline to remove the object of the complaint. If the guest does not leave the property owner an adequate deadline for eliminating defects, whether for repairs or relocation to another facility, he loses the right to them and cannot terminate the lease.

If the guest chooses to leave the property for their own reasons before the expiration of the lease, neither the owner nor Accommodation Adria will bear any responsibility, and the guest is not entitled to a refund of the rent paid.


Accommodation Adria is a mediator between the owner with whom it has concluded the Brokerage Agreement and the guest. Accommodation Adria has the information provided by the owner and is the sole responsibility of the owner.

The owner agrees to provide accurate and true information about the facility by signing the Brokerage Agreement.

If, however, a booking made by a guest cannot be completed through Accommodation Adria, for example due to a gross breach of contract between the owner and the broker, Accommodation Adria is entitled to cancel the reservation and return the agreed amount to the guest without delay and without charge. Alternatively, Accommodation Adria may offer another facility to the guest.

If a booking made by a Guest through Accommodation Adria cannot be completed due to force majeure (environmental disasters, war, natural disasters, epidemics, closing borders, etc.), Accommodation Adria may terminate the rental agreement with a refund.