Our beautiful Croatia carries this moniker for a few reasons. As beautiful as it is magnificent, beloved by all, residents and tourists, Croatia has to offer to everyone her marvelous landscapes of all varieties.

But what stands out the most in this gorgeous country is the coast and its beautiful beaches. Dalmatia stands as the most prominent part of Croatia, and its seaside is unsurpassed in every possible way. Every possible version of natural beaches is located here, especially in the Zadar archipelago, one of the most rugged coasts with a lot of unique places with the most interesting features. Bays, coves, inlets as well as numerous islands, islets, and cliffs scattered around, as if made for enjoyment it the truest form, all you have to do is visit and see for yourself that all the songs about them are indeed true.

A big portion of the beaches and marinas pride themselves in having a Blue Flag, an achievement for the transparency and cleanliness of the sea and the surrounding environment. And that says much of how this coast looks like - quite beautifully enchanting and as pure as it gets.

Whatever your preference is, sandy or pebble beach closer to the bigger towns or wild natural secluded bays with pine trees all around are made for the ideal relaxing vacation, you just have to take your pick. The seashore here is certainly one of a kind, with sunsets beyond compare and stars that shine the brightest. The perfect vacation starts by dipping your toes into the finest sand imaginable and swimming in the cleanest sea you've ever come across.

Zadar area has one of the most interesting coastlines filled with secluded bays with small picturesque towns or hidden beaches and coves for a truly peaceful vacation. Towns of Zaton, Privlaka, and Nin have one of the most beautiful, almost endless beaches filled with golden sand and refreshing crystal clear sea. What makes them even more interesting are the many activities and facilities that these beaches have to offer, and if you want to rent a kayak, pedalboard or just want to learn how to surf, these beaches will meet your needs. You can also refresh yourself at one of the many beach bars, try the cocktails or simply enjoy an afternoon coffee in the shade under the umbrella. What Privlaka and Nin are famous for is the fact that their beaches contain peloid medicinal mud, which is known for its healing powers, so if you have any health issues, do not miss it.

The true charm of this area is that the sea is almost at your front door and there is no better way to spend a vacation than to take a swim just a few meters away from your holiday home. If you are the more adventurous type, almost every beach also offers all kinds of activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. If that is not the case, all you have to do is find a perfect spot and just make the best of it, soak up the sun as you listen to the sound of waves and song of the seagulls. But an invigorating swim in the sea is the only right way to never forget these parts and its shore.

There is an old saying that the sea has healing powers and takes all of your troubles away, so make sure you do test that theory.