The fact is that Croatia is a beautiful country, full of unparalleled landscapes with a special atmosphere that surrounds them, which is almost impossible to describe, as it needs to be experienced.

What is particularly well known and definitely worthy of attention is the gastronomic offer Croatia and its coastline have to show you. Indigenous foods prepared the old-fashioned way or delicacies created under the watchful eye of award-winning chefs, will delight any gourmet, but also one who just wants to explore and experience something new.

Every corner of Dalmatia has something that stands out and, in every part, you will find something that even the smallest town is famous for or even some specialties that are prepared only there and nowhere else. The fish is fresh, just now being caught from the beautiful clear blue sea, the cheeses are made the same way they have been for hundreds of years, fruits and vegetables are grown lovingly on sunshine bathed fields, salt is harvested by hand ... is there anything more to be said?

Dalmatian fishermen have devoted their lives to fishing since ancient times, but today this area is known for its fish farms and maricultural cultivation. Particularly Zadar and its area, which are known by farming top quality specimens of tuna, which are appreciated and exported worldwide. Going into any restaurant or a local tavern and treat yourself to a “brodet”, a traditional dish of various kinds of fish with a special way of preparation, is an indescribable experience. Or just pure enjoyment in the taste of fresh fish thrown onto the grill, as the locals say, soaked in olive oil, seasoned with salt ... because sometimes easy preparation is what draws out the best out of the food, without comparison.

Apart from a rich selection of food, the selection of wine and local liqueurs is unsurpassed. A long time ago, people discovered that some parts were stingy, and the land was not fertile for many things, but the vine was succeeding, and the wine is therefore definitely superb in every respect. From praised wines by winemakers who have worked for years to grow the perfect sort of grapes and whose wine will sweep you off your feet, to the small local winemakers, people who produce wine just for their own purposes. Once you’ve tasted them you will probably hardly know the difference - the offer is varied, and enjoyment guaranteed. One of the most famous liqueurs, which Zadar region is proud of, is Maraschino, a liqueur made from marasca, an autochthonous variety of cherry. Your palate will be grateful that you treated yourself with this unique experience.

What makes this region also known on the world gastronomic map, in addition to award-winning wines, is also olive oil. Those who haven’t tried it don’t know what they are missing out on, because Dalmatian olive oil is the yield of centuries-old olive trees and is certainly unparalleled in its taste and texture. An indescribable experience is also to be present in the process of making olive oil because every little thing is essential for its rich taste and every family has its own special secret and skill in creating the best oil, that is passed down from generation to generation.

If we start the story about cheese, we won't be able to stop ourselves, so let's just mention that you haven't lived until you have tasted Dalmatian cheeses, by far the best of the best. The multitude of awards they received, speaks volumes of their quality, and the process of their preparation, which is identical as in the days of old, is what contributes to the distinctive taste of these cheeses.

And if spices are the key to fully savoring the food, Dalmatians are definitely experts here, because the area has an abundance of herbs with rich flavors, which will give every connoisseur of good food a unique experience. Salt, like the one from Nin Saltworks, harvested the same way as it was a hundred years ago, is definitely the basis for any good meal. Simplicity is the key in these parts because people here say that a piece of fresh fish, a little bit of olive oil and a glass of good wine is all it takes to make one satisfied.

The gastronomic map of Dalmatia and Zadar is well known, and its marked paths will lead you to superior gastronomic pleasure, and wherever you go you will be delighted by the opulence of taste and easy-going way of life at every step.