The best place to discover new flavors is where the restaurant scene is thriving, so welcome to Zadar.

When visiting a certain destination, one will usually remember few things and food is surely always on the top of the list. Zadar region is no different in that regard with its offer of traditional dalmatian food and meals prepared by chefs who love what they do and have grown up surrounded by the flavors of Dalmatia. There is a great selection of restaurants, taverns, and bistros in Zadar and the area, so there wouldn’t be much trouble finding something for everyone’s preference, especially during the summer season. Many people who consider themselves foodies come to Zadar just for the experience of having an excellent meal in one of the town's hidden gems. Every restaurant has its own story or long history as the town itself and will provide a delicious selection on its menu to which you will not be able to resist. While you are staying here you will never have to wonder where to eat as the restaurant scene is most definitely thriving.

Local and homegrown ingredients and traditional dalmatian recipes are the keys but the main component is most definitely love. Many of the Croatian chefs grew up immersed in the flavors around them so be sure to visit the most popular restaurants because they are the best for a very good reason. Some of the small local taverns may also surprise you with their simple but delicious homecooked meals. The secret here is that the recipes are the same for generations and why to change something so special and authentic.

The selection of places to eat and meals prepared is truly diverse and how not to be as everything they need for an exquisite meal is within hands reach, so to speak. Dalmatia has an abundance of choice for its cuisine starting from locally grown fruits and vegetables to fresh fish and seafood to excellent wine selection. Be sure not to miss all the specialties traditional restaurants offer you or even more modern menus combined marvelously with the local ingredients.

Take a walk through the old town and you will get inspired soon enough. The smells and the tastes of Dalmatia are really unique, and it may surprise you. Allow yourself even to try out something new because the Zadar area is quite popular with its tuna as it is grown in the archipelago. If a fan of good sushi or even a simple tuna steak, don’t leave before you’ve tried these. Every restaurant in town has a great wine selection and will gladly recommend whatever you are in a mood for. Local wines from small vine makers with their limited selection will satisfy even the greatest connoisseurs. Zadar is also going strong with its craft beer scene and new microbreweries are emerging every year. Local craftsmen make great efforts to make sure everyone will discover the joys of enjoying a good beer.

Truth is, food makes people happy, simple as that, and why not make your vacation extraordinary and experience all the magical Mediterranean cuisine of Zadar and the area.