Zadar County offers almost every activity you could desire to fulfill your vacation and no matter being a fun and adrenaline-filled tour or adventurous exploration of the landscape, they will all be without comparison.

Sailing and boat excursions are always the best way to experience your surroundings so booking a daily trip or even a half-day would be an unforgettable way to see Nature Park Telaščica or National park Kornati, a glorious cluster of islands. A quick half-day trip to explore the archipelago or some of the beautiful beaches such as Sakarun on Dugi Otok is going to be just the thing that you needed. Whatever you want and wherever you want to go, there would be a boat or a yacht waiting for you to make the most out of the magnificence Zadar area has in store for you.

If green vistas are your choice, make sure to visit National park Krka or Plitvice, and definitely get a private tour. Both of the National parks are the most beautiful collection of lakes and waterfalls and once you see them you won't be able to take your eyes off of them as they are truly magnificent and deeply moving.

A great way to get away from everything and everybody is a Velebit safari, an off-road jeep ride for a complete experience of this breath-taking mountain massif. Velebit mountain and National park Paklenica, are indeed a great location for hiking or just a leisurely stroll around to acquire some peace, and if you are more into spicing up your vacation, you can always try rock climbing.

Canyon of river Zrmanja also offers you an excellent place to have a picnic and a great location for adrenaline-filled rafting. If you want to feel alive again try out this route and you will forever feel the rush and the power of the strong river currents. If rafting is not for you, try canoeing along the river as is the best way to experience nature in a slightly different way. There is a unique experience around every corner, so to speak, as you can book a cooking class for yourself, or together with family and friends. A dalmatian cooking class is a great way to get to know the local cuisine and try some of the homemade delicacies that you won't encounter anywhere else. Great offer and even bigger satisfaction await you if you are a true wine connoisseur or just an enthusiast. The area is well known for having an excellent selection, and make sure to try the wine tasting tour of the Roman vineyards.

If you are more interested in history and enjoy sightseeing, the town of Zadar has an awesome UNESCO World Heritage tour in which you can truly get to know all the historical and interesting facts about this town. If you want to broaden your horizon, you can also take a tour of Zadar or Nin accompanied by the professional guide to get the fullest experience. For all of you who are romantics at heart, make sure you book a sunset cruise, or a night kayaking tour for it is a splendid way to see the islands and the coastline and the unique vistas because they say no sunset in the World could be compared to the sunset of Zadar archipelago.

The true sense of the beauty of Zadar county and the area you will completely get only if you take an aerial tour. There is no way to describe this as the view from above is truly magical and otherworldly and for it to be truly adrenaline-filled and unforgettable you can also finish it by skydiving above the Zadar area.

A perfect way for relaxation is a kayak tour where you can make your way around Zadar or to the islands, to experience the true beauty of the area and power of the sea. All of these excursions and trips are available for booking in our agency and you will surely get an unforgettable first-hand experience of the Zadar area, as there are no words that could describe how magnificent it truly is.